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We Make Reselling & Flipping Appliances Easy!

Today, most resellers and flippers source inventory from Facebook, OfferUp, and other marketplaces.

The challenge? There is a ton of competition and slim profit margins.

With LoopDeco, we will source free inventory for you. You just need to pick up, list, and get paid!

Earning Extra Income Is Easy

We Handle Job Sourcing So You Can Focus On Earning

Don’t waste time sourcing appliances to flip and resell. We source everything for you!

We regularly receive appliance pick-up requests from customers and retailers. By working with LoopDeco you have access to items not available on traditional marketplaces like Facebook and OfferUp.

Support Your Community & Planet

over 11 Million Tons of Furniture & Appliances are Sent to u.S. landfills annually

Furniture and appliance waste affects both the environment and your local community.

By working with LoopDeco you can help ensure reusable appliances are reused and kept in circulation.

Reducing Waste By Empowering Resellers

Our Vision

Our team at LoopDeco is trying to redefine the way people think about bulky item disposal.

By building our network of resale businesses, we can help individuals and businesses effortlessly reuse bulky items by connecting them with resellers in their local community.

Helping Your Business Succeed Online

Benefits of LoopDeco

Save Time

Finding appliances to resell or flip can be challenging and time consuming. We make the process easy by sending you free items daily.

Work On Your Schedule

Having a flexible schedule is one of the biggest benefits of working with LoopDeco. All pick ups can be scheduled around your availability. No more rushing to pick up an item before another reseller snags it.

No Up-Front Investment

No more buying appliances that may or may not sell. Everything you pick up is free which allows you to maximize your returns.

Making Sourcing & Selling Easy

How LoopDeco Works

A Customer Requests a Free Appliance Pick Up

Customers visit LoopDeco, enter details on their appliance, and submit a request to have it picked up for free.

Pick Up Requests Are Sent To Resellers

You will receive notifications when a customer submits a new appliance pick-up request. You have the flexibility to accept only the items you want.

Accepted Items Are Picked Up

After accepting a pickup request, you can communicate directly with the customer to schedule a pick up time that works for you.

Items Are Listed For Resale

Once an item is picked up you can resell it through any channel you prefer (Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, etc.).

Your Listings Are Purchased

Once an item is purchased you can deliver directly to the buyer.

You Keep 90% of The Total Sale

At the end of each month, our team will send an invoice for 10% of the total revenue generated from reselling the items sourced from LoopDeco. This fee helps us continue to operate and send new inventory your way.

An Inventory First Approach

Where We're Starting

Resellers have mentioned to our team that consistently sourcing quality inventory is challenging. To start, you will receive notifications for all new inventory from our LoopDeco mobile app.

Eventually, we plan to launch a marketplace where verified resellers can sell directly to customers in their local community.

This reseller powered marketplace will allows us to build trust with customers by helping them avoid common scams on Facebook Marketplace and other resale platforms.

Roman Pennell


our Team has Extensive experience sourcing inventory online

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Please note that the bulk of customer feedback comes from running our resale business, CouchCycled

We bring that same professionalism and customer experience to your customers and LoopDeco.

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Our service is for all resellers, from individuals selling appliances on Facebook Marketplace as a side-hustle to large resale appliance shops, aiming to boost resale revenue.

We only succeed when you succeed. There is no cost to use our platform to source appliances. We cover expenses by taking a small commission from every sale. By getting paid after an item sells helps us ensure that your success is our top priority.

Contacts through on of the methods above and we will do what we can to act on your feedback.

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