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We Connect Individuals & Businesses With Hauling Jobs.

Over 9 million tons of furniture is tossed in the US annually. We are on a mission to reduce this waste.

LoopDeco connects our network of contractors to furniture-hauling jobs. Our contract network gets paid for pick ups and can choose to donate or resell removed items to help keep them in circulation.

Getting Paid To Haul Items can be incredibly lucrative

But It's incredibly challenging to find jobs

Today, contractors we work with say that consistently sourcing hauling jobs is one of the biggest challenges they face.

At LoopDeco, we make sourcing jobs incredibly easy. Through our retail partner network we regularly receive pick up requests that we push to contractors.

Companies That Focus Exclusively on bringing items to the landfill are missing out on Job opportunities.

over 9 Million Tons of Furniture is Sent to u.S. landfills annually

Ignoring furniture waste affects the environment and limits the inventory charities are able to receive.

By helping haul items for reuse and donation you will be able to access jobs that both get you paid while limiting what’s tossed. 

Simplifying Online Resale

Our Vision

We’re creating a marketplace to connect individuals with small businesses, enabling consumers to embrace the circular economy and redefine the way they remove and reuse used furniture.

By building our network of haulers, we can help individuals and businesses effortlessly reuse pre-loved furniture.

Helping Your Business Succeed Online

We Can help you...

Source Hauling Jobs

Need help finding hauling? We connect you to customers willing to pay to have items removed.

Resell Online or Donate

We make reusing items easy. You can choose to resell removed items to increase your take-home or donate to one of the charities in our local donation network

Track Online Performance

Understanding how you and your business are performing is important. We will track all your completed jobs and payout to help you track your performance over time.

Secure Transactions

Customer are increasingly hesitant about paying people online because of the growing number of scams. We handle all customer invoicing and pay you directly to ensure all transactions are secure.

Making Sourcing Jobs Easy

How LoopDeco Works

Customer Submits a Pick Up request

Customers who visit LoopDeco have two options for removing furniture: free and paid pick-up. They will be quoted a fee if they don't qualify for a free pick-up.

You Accept the Request

If the customer accepts the fee then you will be notified with details on the location, amount, and number of items to be removed. You can accept just the items you are interested in.

Accepted Items Are Picked Up

After accepting a request, you can pick up the item(s) from the customer's home on the scheduled day. Our team will invoice the customer for the fee amount.

After Pick Up, You Can Resell or Donate Items

Our #1 goal is to keep items in circulation. Once removed, you can choose to resell items yourself or donate them to a charity in our network. Disposal should always be a last resort.

You Get Paid

After the customer's payment clears we will pay you 85% of the pickup fee. LoopDeco keeps 15% of the fee to help generate new jobs in the future. Additionally, you keep any amount generated from the resale of items you remove.

Bulky Items We Pick Up

Couch Set

Couch Sets

Single Couches

Single Couches



Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Dining Sets

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.





Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers



Exercise Equipment


Customers Love Working With Us

See what they have to say

Please note that the bulk of customer feedback comes from running our resale business, CouchCycled

We bring that same professionalism and customer experience to your customers and LoopDeco.

Businesses Rely On Us

We Have A History Of Working With Retailers

We’ve partnered with a few of the top 10 US furniture retailers, aiding their customers in keeping hundreds of items in use. We’re here to assist your business too.

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Our service is for all folks interested in hauling, from individuals to established hauling businesses.

We only succeed when you succeed. There is no cost to use our platform to source jobs. We cover expenses by taking a 15% commission on pick up fees.

We have partnerships with several businesses in DFW. We also run consumer pickup ads.

Generally, pick-up requests come from:

  • Consumers
  • Retailers

Contacts through on of the methods above and we will do what we can to act on your feedback.

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