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The Furniture Today Article: A Great Starting Point

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Furniture Today recently published an article about LoopDeco for their top news stories. You can check out their full story HERE. While they are honored to have had the spotlight through this article, the team wanted to build on the article to give a deeper description of what LoopDeco does and how they help their partners. Let’s dive in to take a closer look at all things LoopDeco.

All About LoopDeco

LoopDeco is an end-to-end furniture sustainability platform that unlocks easy removal and donation for unwanted inventory and customer furniture. Leveraging our platform, businesses can keep furniture out of landfills, recover revenue, support local non-profits, and track their impact in real time.

LoopDeco serves furniture retailers, their customers, insurance providers, and local charities through a number of key service offerings. Their services include:

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  • Customer furniture removal services
  • Discreet liquidation of unwanted or obsolete inventory
  • Revenue recovery for damaged furniture pieces
  • Premium donation pickup and delivery services
  • And more!

Through these offerings and great service, LoopDeco provides massive benefits to those who partner with them. Some of the key benefits include: revenue growth, revenue recovery, an improved customer buying experience, improved company sustainability, reduced number of delayed deliveries, and more. LoopDeco’s long term goal is to be a comprehensive solution for furniture sustainability for retailers and other partners.

How It Works: Furniture Sustainability Simplified

LoopDeco operates on an extensive network of local charities, contractors, liquidation businesses, recycling companies, etc. For each market they enter, they do extensive work to hire trustworthy individuals, establish partnerships with the local charities, etc.. This network is then used to provide sustainable furniture removal services to individuals buying new furniture. This same network helps with the donation pickup services. Local charities are a key component of LoopDeco’s service since this partnership allows LoopDeco to reuse a high percentage of items through donation. They currently are able to reuse about 95% items that are picked up!

Working through this network, LoopDeco has the ability to move very quickly and can enter new markets within 1-2 weeks. This process simplifies furniture sustainability and makes it far more accessible to consumers and companies alike. Next, let’s take a look at some of the major milestones LoopDeco has achieved since starting last year.

LoopDeco’s Key Milestones

Since launching LoopDeco, they have accomplished a number of noteworthy milestones. One of these milestones includes the fact that they are working with 8 of the 25 largest furniture retailers. The sales reps at these stores are actively referring customers to LoopDeco. Their customer’s love the service and experience they receive from LoopDeco.

Launching their software app in March was another major milestone. This app has allowed for a more seamless customer experience while also helping the contractors and other network partners to have better visibility into available job opportunities. It has also helped the network to better track the results of each pickup. This allows LoopDeco to better understand and track the overall impact of their service. They also have a 100% adoption rate with the new app which improves consistency and tracking ability.

One of the more recent milestones is their recent expansions. After starting initially in Dallas, TX and its surrounding areas. They quickly expanded to Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. They have now expanded to Canton, TX and the Houston area. Further growth is expected soon as they continue to scale.

What the Future Holds for LoopDeco

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One of the main focuses for LoopDeco in the coming months is growth. They plan to finish expanding across Texas and then work on gaining national coverage. With their expansions, they will be aligning their coverage locations with the needs of their partners as much as possible. Since it only takes 1-2 weeks to expand to a new location, LoopDeco is optimistic that they can continue having fast and consistent growth over the course of this year.

As they continue to scale, LoopDeco has major plans to help companies with furniture sustainability in more ways. With the challenges of recycling furniture, furniture recycling centers are not common. LoopDeco hopes to change this through partnerships that provide furniture that can not be reused for recycling purposes. There are many components within common furniture that can be broken down and reused. LoopDeco hopes to get to a point where 100% of furniture picked up is reused in some way or recycled.

LoopDeco is also hoping to help retailers with reverse logistics to make this process more sustainable for bulky items. Trade-in programs are another future project LoopDeco plans to tackle. These programs would help boost customer loyalty while also keeping more furniture out of landfills. Behind all their future projects, LoopDeco wants to positively influence the planet through eco-friendly and waste-reduction practices.

Conclusion: Tying It All Together

Since its founding last year, LoopDeco has accomplished a lot in the furniture sustainability space. They are committed to simplifying furniture sustainability for consumers, furniture retailers, insurance providers, and more.

Want to learn more or start a conversation? You can reach out to contact@loopdeco.com to learn more or schedule a conversation. The LoopDeco team is always willing connect, share insights, get feedback, etc.. You can also fill out the contact form online linked HERE.

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