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Helping Your Organization Recover Revenue On Oversized Furniture and Appliance Claims.

Your Organization is Losing Revenue

Recover Revenue on oversized claims

Today, the market is full of solutions to help providers recover revenue on e-waste, jewelry, and vehicles but few to no solutions exist to help retailers recover revenue on furniture an appliances.

As a result, many damaged big and bulky products covered under last-mile insurance or an extended warranty are left with the vendor or customer. This results in providers missing out on an massive opportunity to recover revenue on approved claims.

What’s worse, is that as business shifts online the problem is only getting worse…

This is an expensive problem for retailers and providers

21% of oversized deliveries arrive damaged. Many of these items are tossed.


Our Team Handles everything

Send & Forget

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your organization to recover revenue on claims. Through our proprietary platform, we can receive, schedule, and track all requests from your team.

Our team will communicate with clients directly and manage the removal and resale of removed products. This allows your team to recover revenue without changing existing processes.

Need further automation? We can develop a custom API to pull approved claims directly from your system. Once a claim is marked as “approved” it will be pushed to our system and we can handle the removal from there.

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Removal Program Benefits for Providers

We help providers in accessing the circular economy to divert furniture and appliances from landfills.


Recover Revenue

No need to leave products from approved claims with your clients. Our team will remove them, resell them, and help you recover revenue.

Avoiding Marketplace Scams

Reduce Fraud

As online shopping grows there is also an increase in customer fraud. Reduce fraud by removing items from a client's property after an approved claim.

Improve The Client Experience

Once a claim is approved most clients will want the item removed from their property. By providing them with next day pick up they can quickly make space.


Improve Sustainability

Today, many damaged furniture and appliance products get tossed. With LoopDeco, your organization can keep these items out of landfills.

Benefits for your Clients

Keeping Furniture in Circulation

How LoopDeco Works

Your Team Submits a Request

Once a claim is approved, your team can request removal services for furniture or appliances.

Requests are Accepted & Scheduled

Upon submission, pick-up requests are reviewed by our vetted network of small business resellers. Once accepted, clients will receive date and time for pick-up scheduled to suit their schedule. 

Furniture Is Removed

On the scheduled day/time, the removal team will arrive and expertly complete removal so clients can avoid heavy lifting.

Items are Resold

All picked-up furniture, appliances, and other items are cleaned, repaired, and resold to keep them in circulation.

Payment Is Distributed

You will receive a percentage of every product resold. We distribute payments on a Net 7 from the last day of the previous month.

Items We Accept



Couch Set

Couch Sets

Single Couches

Single Couches

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Dining Sets

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Add-on item only

Exercise Equipment





Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers



Bed Frames

Bed Frames





Untitled design (67)

And More...

Removal & Resale Service

Remove. Resell. Reuse. Repeat.

A Removal & Resale Service Powered By Small Business Removal Teams

LoopDeco relies on a network of small businesses and non-profits for its operations to succeed. This partnership facilitates the diversion of furniture and appliances from landfills and simultaneously supports local businesses and charities.

When an item is submitted for pick-up, our network is alerted to collect it and reuse it through resale. This process guarantees that pre-loved items are kept in circulation and out of landfills.

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