LoopDeco Expands It’s Furniture Removal and Other Services To Houston

The Expansion to Houston

You may be wondering what LoopDeco is all about. They are a Texas based company that is focused on reducing unnecessary furniture and appliance waste. Their mission is to simplify furniture and appliance sustainability through reuse and recycling. 

After a recent expansion, they now offer our services in Houston, TX. Let’s take a in-depth look at the various LoopDeco services that are now available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Canton, and (most recently) Houston. 

Don’t live in these areas? No worries, LoopDeco has plans to continue growing and expanding their service areas so stay tuned for more updates on this!

LoopDeco Furniture Removal Services for Consumers

Free Appliance & Furniture Pickup & Removal in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, TX

Moving? Buying new furniture or just looking to make a little space in your home? Looking for furniture donation pickup services? You’re in luck because LoopDeco helps with all of this!

Furniture Removal

LoopDeco offers customers a white-glove furniture removal service. Their services start at $0 for gently used pieces. Their teams are experts at in-home removal and will handle all the heavy lifting for you. Pickup times vary based on customer needs, but they generally happen within 24-48 hours.

Once your furniture is picked up, LoopDeco works to ensure that almost all the furniture is reused through resale or donation. If your items are donated, you can receive a donation receipt from the team after pickup.

Want to see if your furniture qualifies for free pickup? Fill out our free online form to find out.

Appliance Pickup

Most appliances can now be picked up in Houston and the surrounding areas starting at $0. LoopDeco picks up a wide variety of appliances from washers and dryers to fridges and dishwashers. 

Similar to furniture pieces, LoopDeco teams will try to reuse the appliances through donation or resale. If they are not in reusable shape, recycling options will be sought out to try to limit the number of items sent to the landfill.

Want to see if your appliance qualifies for free pickup? Fill out our free online form to find out.

Donation Pickup Services

Do you have bulky items like furniture or appliances that you would like to donate? Not feeling like moving it yourself in this Texas heat?

LoopDeco now offers donation pickup services throughout Houston and it’s surrounding areas. Their donation pickups specifically target bulky items such as furniture, appliances, etc.. They can pick up additional items for donation as well for your convenience.

They offer these services to help local charities fulfill their mission and to keep reusable furniture, appliances, etc. out of the landfills. They partner with multiple charities in the area to make sure that items are accepted whenever possible. Once items are dropped off at a charity, the pickup team can send the donation receipt to you for your tax records.

LoopDeco offers competitive pricing for these removals and you can get a quote through their online form.

LoopDeco now services the Houston area with furniture removal, appliance pickup, and donation pickup services


Houston, TX now has a great new option for furniture removal and appliance pickups starting at $0. LoopDeco also hopes their donation pickup services will help both the local Houston communities and the planet in a significant way.

LoopDeco is excited to partner with a number of local Houston businesses to help reduce furniture and appliance waste across the country. They hope to continue to simplify sustainability for these big and bulky items through these and other partnerships.

Stay tuned as they continue to grow and offer their services in new areas!

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