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Over 12 million tons of furniture are discarded in the U.S. every year. Charitable organizations have been the primary reason furniture waste hasn’t been an even bigger issue. Until recently, donating to a charity was the easiest way to reuse old furniture.

While many consumers still consider charities when looking to get rid of unwanted furniture, charities are missing out on thousands of donations. A huge number of consumers request a furniture donation pick up each month. Unfortunately, only 20% of consumers receive a pickup.

Due to time constraints, a majority of consumers opt to leave old furniture by the curb or pay a junk hauler to remove it.

Luckily, Consumers Are are willing to spend their income on convenient & sustainable removal​

76% Of customers said they would consider a paid removal service that reuses items.

Increase Monetary & Furniture Donations

Branded Removal Program

To help charities increase monetary and furniture donations, our team provides a branded removal solution that integrates directly with your website to make it easy for your team to run removal programs through our pick-up network. 

To cover operating expenses, our team collects removal fees on each pick up. Optionally, your organization can receive a percentage of these fees as a monetary donations.

The program is completely free for your organization. Set it up on your website and we’ll handle the rest!

Branded Removal Program

LoopDeco Benefits

We help charities reduce furniture waste and increase donations.

Customer Removal Services

Donation Pick Up Services

Dealing with furniture donations can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, our team offers affordable removal solutions to your donors to make donating old furniture a breeze.

Revenue Generation

Generate Monetary Donations

To provide same and next day pick up, our team charges removal fees. To further support your organization, our team will donate 5% of all fees.



When folks are unable to schedule a donation pick up, items often get tossed. With LoopDeco, they'll be able to keep items out of landfills. If our organization can't accept a particular item, we actively seek alternative ways to reuse it since disposal is a last resort.

Support Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Support Small Businesses

Since LoopDeco runs on a network of small business contractors, every time you refer our service you are supporting a local business in your area.

Keeping Furniture in Circulation

How LoopDeco Works

Your Team Or Donor Submits a Request

Our team will help you setup a branded pick-up form or your donors can request a pick up through your main website.

Requests are Accepted & Scheduled

Upon submission, pick-up requests are reviewed by our vetted network of small business resellers. Upon acceptance, donor will be notified and the pick-up date and time will be scheduled. Typically, our team can remove items within 24-48 hours.

Furniture Is Removed

On the scheduled day/time, the removal team will arrive to remove your donor's unwanted items.

Items are Donated

All picked-up furniture will be delivered to one of your organization's donation centers.

Donations Are Paid

At the end of each month, our team will make a donation to your organization based on the total number of pick ups we completed.

Items We Accept



Couch Set

Couch Sets

Single Couches

Single Couches

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Dining Sets

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Add-on item only

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment





Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers



Bed Frames

Bed Frames





Removal & Resale Service

Remove. Resell. Reuse. Repeat.

A Removal & Resale Service Powered By Small Business Removal Teams

LoopDeco relies on a network of small businesses and non-profits for its operations to succeed. This partnership facilitates the diversion of furniture and appliances from landfills and simultaneously supports local businesses and charities.

When an item is submitted for pick-up, our network is alerted to collect it and reuse it through resale or donation. This process guarantees that returned or pre-loved items are kept in circulation and out of landfills.

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