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Missed Revenue Opportunity

Unwanted Customer Furniture

Most retailers don’t provide furniture haul-away solutions to customers, but 77% of all customers buy new furniture to replace existing furniture. 

According to retail teams, 46% of customers inquire about removal with 61% of those customers delaying a purchase or delivery until they remove old furniture.

Out of convenience, many items are discarded. As customers shift to buying furniture online, the problem is only worsening.

of customers ask about removing old furniture before making a new purchase.
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of furniture sales reps said sales are impacted and deliveries are delayed until a customer finds a way to remove old furniture.
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of furniture sales reps are asked about furniture removal on a daily basis.
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Consumers Care About Sustainability​

76% Of customers said they would consider a paid removal service that reuses items.

Monetize Unwanted Furniture & Improve Customer Experiences

Branded Removal Program

To help retailers tackle customer furniture waste, our team provides a branded removal solution that integrates directly with your website to make it easy for your team to run and monetize removal programs.

Set it up on your website and we’ll do the rest!

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Branded Removal Program

Removal Program Benefits for Retailers

We help retailers in accessing the circular economy to divert customer furniture away from landfills.


Increase Sales

By offering fast reliable pick-up services for used furniture, sales teams can tackle customer objections to improve the buying experience and increase sales

Avoid Delayed Deliveries

Scheduling removal for old furniture after a customer buys something new will ensure that new furniture can be delivered promptly.

Customer Removal Services

Reduce Liability

When requested, delivery teams will occasionally remove old furniture from customer homes at delivery. Since most retailers don’t provide furniture removal, these “off the books” removals pose a liability risk.

Revenue Generation

New Revenue Streams

Retailers can create new revenue streams by getting paid for every customer they refer to LoopDeco.


Corporate Sustainability

Helping customers reuse old furniture after a new purchase allows your organization to reduce indirect waste generated from retail operations.

Support Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Increase Customer Loyalty

By offering a streamlined and easy buying experience, customers will have a wonderful experience with your brand..

Benefits for your customers

Keeping Furniture in Circulation

How LoopDeco Works

Your Team Or Customer Submits a Request

When purchasing new furniture, your customers would be able to request removal services for their old items through your branded LoopDeco webpage.

Requests are Accepted & Scheduled

Upon submission, pick-up requests are forwarded to our vetted network of small business resellers and charities. Upon acceptance, the customer will have the date and time for pick-up scheduled to suit their schedule. 

Furniture Is Removed

On the scheduled day/time, the removal team will arrive and expertly complete an in-home removal so customers can avoid the heavy lifting.

Items are Resold or Donated

All picked-up furniture, appliances, and other items are cleaned, repaired, and resold to keep them in circulation. If they can't be resold but are still reusable, our team will donate them to local charities.

Payment Is Distributed

For each of your customers who use our service, you will get paid at the end of each month. You now get to collect additional revenue while improving the customer's buying experience!

Items We Accept



Couch Set

Couch Sets

Single Couches

Single Couches

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Dining Sets

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Add-on item only

Exercise Equipment





Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers



Bed Frames

Bed Frames





Removal & Resale Service

Remove. Resell. Reuse. Repeat.

A Removal & Resale Service Powered By Small Business Removal Teams

LoopDeco relies on a network of small businesses and non-profits for its operations to succeed. This partnership facilitates the diversion of furniture and appliances from landfills and simultaneously supports local businesses and charities.

When an item is submitted for pick-up, our network is alerted to collect it and reuse it through resale or donation. This process guarantees that pre-loved items are kept in circulation and out of landfills.

Learn More About our solutions & The Market

LoopDeco Solution Overview (PDF)

Learn more about how LoopDeco can help your organization reduce and monetize furniture waste.

Market Research (PDF)

The furniture waste problem is out of control. See the data from our recent research report.

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Return Management & Monetization

Sell furniture online? Returns are inevitable. Our team provides free in-home pick-ups and resale services for retailers looking to streamline their reverse logistics processes.

Furniture Haul Away For Retailers

Have reusable furniture or appliances sitting around your warehouse that you need to have removed? Our team provides free haul away services to retailers.

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