The Ultimate Guide to Donating Furniture in Fort Worth

If you’re in Fort Worth, TX and looking to donate your furniture or home goods, we got you covered! Whether you are looking for furniture donation pick up services or simply want to drop off your furniture donation yourself, you are in the right spot.

There are plenty of charities in Fort Worth that offer furniture donation pick up services as well as drop-off locations that accept furniture. Get ready to see all the different options you can use to declutter your space while making a positive impact in your community. Use any of these options to make sure your used furniture are put to good use and don’t get sent to the landfill.

Let’s start with charities that offer furniture donation pick ups!

furniture donation pick up ready to go

Union Gospel Mission (of Tarrant County)

This local Christian organization is dedicated to helping the homeless in Fort Worth. They have provided food, shelter and supportive services to thousands of men, women, and children over the years. The programs they offer aim to give homeless individuals the greatest chance of developing the skills and self-confidence to attain self-sufficiency.

With their pick up services, you can schedule a time for them to come and collect your furniture donations right from your home for free. Generally, you can get your reusable furniture picked up within 1-3 weeks of reaching out. You can fill out their online form HERE to get started with scheduling your furniture donation pick up.

Arms Of Hope

Arms of Hope is a Christian non-profit that focuses it’s efforts on the disadvantaged children and single-mother families. They provide shelter, necessities, and basic life skills to those in their care through their two children’s homes. They serve thousands each year through their various programs.

Arms of Hope picks up furniture items, home goods, small appliances, and more! If you are within their pickup area, you can schedule a free pickup and have your furniture removed within the 1-2 weeks. You can start their online form for a pick up request HERE.

Habitat For Humanity (Trinity)

Habitat for Humanity seeks to transform the Fort Worth community be making sure that everyone has a decent place to live. They provide affordable homeownership opportunities, financial education, advocacy efforts, and neighborhood empowerment programs to Fort Worth communities. They seek to transform these communities by helping those below the median income achieve affordable home ownership.

The standard pick ups with Habitat for Humanity are free. Your unwanted furniture would be picked up within 1-2 weeks depending on your location and the pick up team’s availability. Along with furniture donation pick up, they can also pick up your donation of appliances, cabinets, decor, windows, and much more. All items would need to be easily accessible (on the first floor) and disassembled for the pick up team. You can start the process to schedule your donation pick up by sending an email at restore@trinityhabitat.org.

The Salvation Army

The North Texas Salvation Army serves those struggling with addiction, homelessness, and poverty across Fort Worth and its surrounding areas. They offer shelters and senior living centers, numerous food pantries, and a few recovery programs to help fight addiction. Their goal is to change lives by ending destructive or chaotic cycles.

Donation pick ups are free and they can remove a wide variety of items including: furniture, beds, clothing, books, appliances, workout equipment, etc. The timeframe you can expect for pick up would be between 2-3 weeks after initially reaching out. All pick-up items should be outside your home or apartment for pick up.

Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth

Goodwill seeks to improve the lives of people in the Fort Worth community who have barriers to employment. They provide job opportunities to these people as well as skills training opportunities. They stand against inequality and advocate for positive change within the community.

They accept a wide variety of household items including furniture, clothing, and more. Click HERE for Goodwill’s full list of donation guidelines. They offer free donation pick ups for your smaller furniture pieces and appliances. You can click HERE to reach out and schedule your pick up. They are generally able to pick up donations within 1-2 weeks of you reaching out.

Additional Furniture Pick Up Options Include LoopDeco

Need your old furniture removed in the new few days instead of weeks? Don’t feel like moving your reclining sectional down the stairs yourself?

LoopDeco offers furniture donation pick up services

Many charities receive huge numbers of pick up requests which create a backlog of pick ups and drastically extend the timeframe for pickups. To help with this issue, LoopDeco, a Texas based company, provides priority donation pick up with in-home removal to those looking to donate gently used furniture and appliances. They partner with charities to ensure items are reused to benefit both the planet and the Fort Worth communities.

You can easily schedule your priority pickup HERE and and let the experienced LoopDeco teams do all the heavy lifting for you. If your items are accepted by a charity, the donation receipt can be sent to you after drop-off.

A Few Notes for Furniture Donation Pick Ups

There are a just a few things to note about these charities and the furniture donation pick up services they offer. First, all the furniture needs to be in good working order. This means it can’t have damage from smoke, tears in the upholstery, large stains, structural damage, or other issues. These types of issues can lead to the charity rejecting your item.

The majority of these charities can accept smaller donations with the the bulky appliances or furniture donations. Always check to make sure they can pickup the smaller household items you want to donate before scheduling. If you only have smaller items that can fit into your vehicle, consider dropping off your donations at one of the many drop-off locations that various charities have throughout the Fort Worth area. Keep reading for a list of the main Fort Worth charities that accept furniture donation drop-offs!

Wanting to Drop Off Your Furniture Donations Yourself?

If you have the vehicle and man-power necessary, it can be a great idea to bring your furniture pieces to the charity yourself. Their furniture donation pick up services can be in high demand and may not align with your schedule.

Below, we have included a few of the main charities/locations where you can drop-off your furniture donations. Use and share this information with friends and family too. Let’s work together to increase support of these charities and the local communities they support.

The Salvation Army

They offer a number of options within the Fort Worth area that accept gently used furniture, clothing, home decor, etc.. You can see the full list of donation drop-off sites HERE. Please note that donation drop boxes can almost never fit furniture so you should specifically look at their donation center options. If you have question for them on this, you can call the phone number listed next to each site.


They accept a wide variety of household items including furniture, clothing, and more. Click HERE for Goodwill’s full list of donation guidelines.

Want to find the drop-off location nearest to you? Click HERE for the list of donation centers and donation trailers in and around Fort Worth. You will want to make sure the donation drop-off you choose can accept furniture.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores

ReStores typically serve as both a store and donation drop-off location for Habitat for Humanity. It is recommended that you reach out to your nearest ReStore location to get their donation hours since this can vary based on the location. They often accept a very wide variety of furniture, light fixtures, cabinets, and other household items.

With two ReStore locations in Fort Worth and a 3rd in Arlington, there are a few options for you to choose from. You can see all the ReStore locations and their contact info HERE.

A Few Notes for Furniture Donation Drop-offs

There are a just a few things to note about these charities and the furniture donations they accept. First, all the furniture needs to be in good working order. This means it can’t have damage from smoke, tears in the upholstery, large stains, structural damage, or other issues. These types of issues can lead to the charity rejecting your item.

Also, call ahead if possible to make sure the donation center you have picked can accommodate any large furniture items you may be looking to donate. Donation drop-boxes are not designed for large items and will not be a good place to leave your furniture. Some cities have major fines for leaving furniture near donation drop boxes that are intended for clothing and small household goods. This can be considered illegal dumping so avoid this by finding an attended donation center for your furniture!

Finally, start collecting all your unwanted furniture items for donation and get ready to help your community. By donating your used furniture and household items, you help keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill while helping improve our local community. Go you!

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