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We Help Furniture Resellers Succeed Online

By 2024, online resale will make up 50% of U.S. secondhand spending (source). However, many small businesses face obstacles that make it challenging to sell online. 

LoopDeco helps resellers remove these obstacles. Sign up to get started with LoopDeco.

Selling Online Is Challenging

But It's More important Than Ever

Today, small businesses often cite limited tech know-how, funds, or staff as barriers to selling online.

With 50% of second-hand sales projected to be online by 2024, it’s crucial for them to establish an online presence. Luckily, LoopDeco is here to assist.

Companies Operating Offline Limit their ability to Help customers reuse furniture

over 9 Million Tons of Furniture is Sent to u.S. landfills annually

Furniture waste affects both the environment and your profits.

Before LoopDeco, our team ran CouchCycled, sourcing 100% of inventory from customers needing to sell or remove their furniture quickly. All requests came through our website.

We’ll help your business access this inventory stream to boost stock and reduce waste.

Simplifying Online Resale

Our Vision

We’re creating a marketplace to connect individuals with small businesses, enabling consumers to embrace the circular economy and redefine the way they reuse used furniture.

By building our network of resale businesses first, we can help individuals and businesses effortlessly reuse pre-loved furniture at scale.

Helping Your Business Succeed Online

We Can help your Business...

Source Inventory

Need inventory help? We connect you to customers looking for free furniture removal, letting your team accept items that fit your business.

Market & Sell Online

No need for custom websites or marketing campaigns. We list your items and run ads to drive online traffic.

Pick Up & Deliver

Concerned about pickup and delivery? Don't fret. Customers can choose "Store Pickup" or use our delivery service at checkout. We handle it all, no lifting needed.


We know customers often use traditional marketplaces for second-hand shopping. We'll crosslist your products on platforms like Facebook Marketplace for greater visibility.

Track Online Performance

Showroom and warehouse space are costly. Selling through LoopDeco gives insights into top-selling items, helping you source inventory that sells quickly and doesn't tie up space.

Secure Transactions

Online marketplace scams are prevalent, with 17% or more users falling victim. We ensure secure sales by processing all payments on our site.

Making Sourcing & Selling Easy

How LoopDeco Will Work

Customer Submits A Request

Customers who visit LoopDeco submit a form on our website to request free furniture removal.

Request Is Accepted

You will receive notifications when a customer submits a request. You have the flexibility to accept only  the items you want.

Accepted Items Are Picked Up

After accepting a sale request, you can either pick up the item or request LoopDeco to deliver it to your store or warehouse for a fee.

Items Are Listed On LoopDeco

Accepted furniture, once inspected and photographed, is listed on LoopDeco alongside your other inventory for resale.

Items Are Crosslisted To Other Marketplaces

All LoopDeco listings are crosslisted on platforms like Facebook and OfferUp and interested buyers are redirected back to LoopDeco to complete the purchase.

Your Listings Are Purchased

Customers make purchases directly on our website when they find a listing they like.

Sold Items Are Delivered

Customers can choose between pickup or delivery at checkout. If they opt for delivery, they pay for it, and either LoopDeco or your team will handle the delivery. If you choose to deliver then we will include the delivery cost in your payout.

You Receive A Payout & Insights

After delivery, you'll receive a payout within 24 hours. You'll also receive insights on the best-selling items in your store and on LoopDeco as a whole.

Bulky Items We Pick Up

Couch Set

Couch Sets

Single Couches

Single Couches



Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.

Dining Sets

Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Etc.





Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers



Exercise Equipment

Return Mattresses

An Inventory First Approach

Where We're Starting

Resellers have mentioned to our team that consistently sourcing quality inventory is challenging.

To tackle this, we’re starting with a solution to connect resellers with local individuals and businesses, reducing the need for conventional methods like Facebook Marketplace and walk-in customers.

Resellers using LoopDeco will receive notifications for both free items and items customers want to sell or consign. When you find something you like in your area, just click “accept.”

Customers Love Working With Us

See what they have to say

Please note that the bulk of customer feedback comes from running our resale business, CouchCycled

We bring that same professionalism and customer experience to your customers and LoopDeco.

Businesses Rely On Us

We Have A History Of Working With Retailers

We’ve partnered with a few of the top 10 US furniture retailers, aiding their customers in keeping hundreds of items in use. We’re here to assist your business too.

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Our service is for all resellers, from individuals selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace as a side-hustle to large consignment shops, aiming to boost online resale revenue.

We only succeed when you succeed. There is no cost to use our platform to source furniture. We cover expenses by taking a 15% commission from every sale so if your item doesn’t sell through our site then we don’t get paid. This helps us ensure that your success is our top priority.

For retailer pick-ups we charge a 35% commission since 20% is sent back to the retailer.

Receiving your marketplace links helps us determine how many items are being listed for and how much they are selling for. This allows us to know how well items are selling and to help us understand how listings look.

We have partnerships with several businesses in DFW. We also run consumer pickup ads.

Generally, pick-up requests come from:

  • Consumers
  • Retailers
  • Junk Haulers

Contacts through on of the methods above and we will do what we can to act on your feedback.

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